Stellar Life Cycle / Stellar Death

Our star is supposed to expand and consume the earth when it starts running out of fuel.

I theorize that what we saw on the night of September 24, 2014 was an Instantaneous Hyper Expansion of a star that occurred in our celestial neighborhood. The appearance was that of the core expanding to its maximum then the outer molten layers were cast off to their maximum expansion. In this state of fully expanded core and outer layers, it hung in place for half a second. Then it just disappeared; vanished as if someone turned off the light switch. We witnessed this event on September 24, 2014 at approximately 9:20pm Mountain time, in Wyoming. There was no moon that night. It was a crystal clear sky with no clouds and the sky was dark. There were several of us in the same area that witnessed this event.

Through no fault of their own, the science community missed the event; it lasted less than two seconds. The relative size in the sky was that of a US Quarter coin (between a nickel and quarter), held at arms length.

For positioning purposes using the program Stellarium with the Azimuthal Grid, the area of the event is believed to be between 330 degrees to 350 degrees and between 30 degrees and 50 degrees elevation.

However, it is very difficult to get perspective using the program and not being able to see the Wyoming sky since that night (we’re from South Florida), it is difficult to place the elevation. It could have been a several degrees higher or to the right The Event occurred well above the stars Megrez and Dubhe that make up the cup of the Big Dipper, so if the dipper was tilted slightly one way or the other in actual position (than my estimate) it would affect what sky is directly above Megrez and Dubhe.  Click here to see the full image with red rectangle identifying the area where the event is believed to have occurred. One of these stars has changed.

I believe scientists can locate this star by comparing scientific images of the area taken before September 24, 2014 with current scientific images taken after September 24, 2014. What is needed is a computer analysis comparison of the area to find which star has remarkably changed in appearance.  If you have video of this area of sky on this night, review it and you will see the Event.

This will be a ground breaking discovery!!!

Did this star become a White Dwarf? Did it become a Black Hole? What has it become?

What was different about this star that resulted in this event?